Creator Kit Now Available

The RUNE Creator Kit was just released, and you can find it here on itch. It is a free document and template collection for making your very own content for RUNE. There is a game jam starting very soon, and a growing collection of 3rd party RUNE stuff you can already find on itch.

Check it out, and make some cool stuff!

Oh, and the big update for RUNE will probably go through next week, so give me a little more time on that. Thanks!


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I set up RUNE at my table this evening and had a blast. Have you thought about making an interactive web or mobile version? Obviously a big endeavor, but seems like the mechanics and community content aspects could translate well. (That said, it's hard to overstate the elegance and freedom of real paper.) A lightweight set of tools to just assist with the crunchy stuff would go a long way.

If you ever wanna brainstorm on something like this, hit me up!


Glad you enjoyed it!

I would love to do something like that, but it's so far outside of my areas of expertise that I haven't even considered how to start haha. Maybe if RUNE gathers a big following I can look into that!