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This is the RUNE Creator Kit. It is a long document that outlines how to create all the things you might want to for RUNE. You'll find advice for creating realms, weapons, enemies, and everything in between.

The Creator Kit itself is a Google Doc, found here or at the link at the top of the page. Rather than laying out the doc, I've kept it in this format to make it more easily accessible, and so that I can edit it more easily in the future. You'll always have the most up to date version by clicking the link!

The files included on this page are templates for enemy, weapon, gear, and rune cards. In addition, there are two realm templates, for standard realms and pamphlet realms.

The RUNE Jam runs from January 9-February 28. Consider submitting anything you make to the jam!

If you make something, tag me on Twitter! I would love to add it to the growing RUNE Third Party collection here on itch.

I hope you enjoy the Creator Kit. If you want to learn more, or get an "abbreviated" version, you can watch this video overview.


Want to connect with other RUNE creators? Check out the Gila RPGs discord server!

Translated Versions

The amazing folks at IndieVisivel Press have created a translation of the Creator Kit in Portuguese! 

As more translations are done, those files will be added.

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Realm Template.afpub 39 MB
Pamphlet Realm Concept.afpub 557 kB
Pamphlet Realm Example 320 kB
Rune Creator Kit (Portuguese)

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only too well I haven't Affinity and I can't open .afpub files, is there any chance to have those files in a different, not proprietary, format?



Incredibly useful piece of work.

Glad you think so!


This is so nice! Being able to have the affinity templates will really speed up the process.


Including the .afpub files is a pro move, very cool.