1.1 Updates & Printed Cards

I've just uploaded the 1.1 versions of the rulebook and Realm Atlas. I've compiled feedback from players over the last month, since the initial release of the game, and made some changes. Most of the changes are small, tweaks to wording and clarifications on how certain weapons, enemies, etc. are supposed to work. 

Any changes that are on a slightly bigger scale than that are not being outlined here in this post. That's because RUNE is about discovering things, and if you saw the changelog it might spoil your experience in a realm you haven't visited yet! 

I hope you enjoy the new changes, and I want to give a huuuuuge thank you to everyone that has provided feedback. Everyone has been very kind and helpful, and you've brought the game to the next level.

Speaking of next level. I've got a Kickstarter for the RUNE Card Collection launching on January 31st! This will be an opportunity to get the cards of the game printed on nice playing cards, sent to you in a variety of booster packs. If you've always wanted to have nice printed cards, consider following the campaign today to get notified when it launches!



RUNE Rulebook 1.1 Spreads 4 MB
Jan 22, 2023
RUNE Rulebook 1.1 Pages 4 MB
Jan 22, 2023
Realm Atlas 1.1 2 MB
Jan 22, 2023


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