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Something lurks out in the dark fringes of the system. 

Gather what Light you can, Beacon, before it's too late.


Shine Bright, Beacon

Season Spark is the first season for the LIGHT RPG. It's all about creating unstoppable Beacons, arming them to the teeth with weapons, and wielding the terrifying elemental fury of the Light. 

Four modules

Four months

One great price

Old threats move against us, looking to snuff out our Light once and for all. It is up to you, brave Beacons, to fight back. You're going to need the right tools for the job to make that happen.

A spark leads to a brilliant light. New Beacons rise to defend the last city on Earth. With them, come new ways to play LIGHT, allowing you more options for building and growing your character. Equip new subclasses, like the Bonfire, a towering inferno defiant of the Dark. Don armors to protect you while amplifying your power to terrifying levels. And discover new ways to make your Beacon shine brighter than ever, growing their strength for the trials to come.

What is LIGHT?

LIGHT is a rules-lite RPG that is inspired by the video game, Destiny. In it, you play as immortal guardians of the last city on Earth, fighting back against alien forces, exploring a dangerous system, all while wielding incredible power.

How Does it Work?

Buying the LIGHT: Spark season pass gets you access to all of the modules as they are released throughout the four month season. 

Once a month, you'll get a brand new module for LIGHT, bringing you awesome new ways to play the game. On the Mondays in-between, I'll be releasing micro releases, as small prompts, weapons, and more for you to get the most out of the season. You'll find the micro-releases added to the Spark Release Notes PDF every Monday, and also posted in this thread on Twitter!

In order to use the releases for Season Spark, you'll need the core rules of LIGHT, which are not included with this season pass. You can find them on the game's itch page. There is also a printed zine version of the rules that is available, if you want to hold the power of LIGHT in your hands.


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Published 16 days ago
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AuthorGila RPGs
GenreRole Playing
Tagsdestiny, light, ttrpg


Buy Now$10.00 USD or more

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Spark Release Notes 17 kB

Development log


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Perhaps I'm misreading Kindle but I've noticed that some subclasses don't seem to line up with their element. Like the Veil subclass, which has a blue/Volt coloring, consistently mentions Nether and Null in all three of its powers, or Graviton, which has red/Pyre coloring, consistently mentions lightning. All in all, Kindle is pretty damn good and can't wait to see more!

Hi! The colors were kept to be consistent with the original class colors (red = Colossus, blue = Stalker, purple = Wych). Each page is dedicated to an element, starting with the Pyre classes, then the Volt, then the Nether. I'll add some clarifying titles to the classes!

Though I'm not sure I follow when you mention the Graviton consistently mentioning lightning.

(1 edit) (+1)

Oops, I meant to say Thunder instead of Graviton but thanks for clarifying!

No problem! I've just uploaded new versions of the files and hopefully they make a lot more sense!


Thanks for the patch, it's much easier to interpret now!

Wonderful! Thanks for your input in making it better!

Will there be a collected printed edition at seasons end?

I'm still putting together a plan for that. My big dream is to compile everything from the seasons this year into a single book, but I may do printed editions of each season as well.

So its to early to be sure?

Ok, Im kinda of a completionist is why I ask.

Thanks for the quick reply :)

Yeah, it's too early to say for sure one way or another. But a few folks have been asking about it, so I'll see what I can put together!