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**Printed zine copies of LIGHT are now available! Includes the core rules and the first three modules!**

Shine Bright

You are a Beacon, an immortal guardian of the last city on Earth. Human civilization crumbles across the system, but you and your kind are a ray of hope in a dark time. 

LIGHT is a rule-lite sci-fi RPG. In it, you play as the immortal Beacons, wielders of weapons and the elements themselves. As a squad, you will go on tactical Strikes, pushing back against the Dark that has begun its slow march across the system. Explore ancient ruins for help and resources, fight back against alien forces looking to destroy a weakened Earth, and unravel the mysteries that bind together Light and Dark.

LIGHT is a modular RPG. All you need to play are the core rules and some d6. However, there will be a number of modules released for LIGHT that provide additional rules, gameplay elements, and more that you can choose to plug into your game. Customize your experience with Light and use any combination of the modules that you'd like, the game is yours to explore. So far, the released modules are:

  • Lighthouse: The last city on Earth. Rules on running the factions, completing bounties for them, and receiving boons for your hard work.
  • Vulcan: The weapon catalog! Rules on getting and creating loot, lots of weapons and tags, and some examples of legendary weapons the Beacons will seek.
  • Nemesis: Discover some of the alien factions the Beacons must fight across the system. Rules for enemies during fights, and examples of units from the first four enemy factions of LIGHT.

LIGHT is designed to fit on a single printed sheet of letter paper, double-sided and folded like a booklet. I may do a print run of high quality paper and ink if there is demand!

Enjoy LIGHT. Add fuel to your Beacon, and fight back against the Dark.


LIGHT is being supported with season passes. Four month sets of modules centered around a theme. The first season, Spark, has begun!


There is a game jam going on for LIGHT, leading up to the release of Season One. Join us, or check out some of the entries!

Thanks and acknowledgments

  • Destiny, for the 1000s of hours of play, and the obvious inspiration for this game.
  • 2400, inspiring me to explore smaller games and treating them as modular frameworks.
  • Beeple, whose incredible art sits on the cover as a beacon of light.
  • Adam Vass, who made the fantastic logo for LIGHT.
  • Nevyn Holmes and Aaron Burkett for helping me come up with names!


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Buy Now$5.00 USD or more

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Excellent work! Can't wait to test it. However do schedule to write more "classes"? I would be cool!

Thank you! I am actually just about to release a new set of classes this morning as part of LIGHT: Spark, the first season of LIGHT modules. I'm adding 3 new elemental classes for each of the main classes.


Really enjoying this. It'd be cool to get a single-page version in addition to the spreads version, if that's possible!

Ask and you shall receive! I've just uploaded two new files, single-pages and spread version of the combined rules and modules.


Whoa, that was fast! 😂 Thanks!!


Is there a free basic rulebook or demo or quickstart or something I can try before deciding to buy it? Thanks

I don't have a basic rulebook or demo for the game, sorry!

Occasionally there are community copies available that you can download, but they have all been claimed right now.


Hello! Great game! :D something I don't understand about Boons, are they just for the next Strike, or are they a permanent upgrade?


Depends on the Boon! Most are permanent, but some groups may prefer to have certain Boons from the factions to be one time use sort of things. Anything with giving stats, or Light, or Powers is permanent.

Glad you enjoy the game!


Thanks you for the clarification, really happy with this :D


So glad to hear it!


Just picked this up cause someone asked what's a good game to run Destiny in, and I saw you're in Chicago as well, so I figured I should support local designers.


Can't wait to see what comes next


Good grief, I'd been thinking of trying to hack together a rules-lite Destiny inspired RPG for ages, and you just went ahead and did it you absolute genius.  Great stuff.


Haha I had been grappling with the same thing! It plagued me.

Glad to hear you like it!


I need more. Moar! MOAAAHHR! 

Excited to see this grow. :>


I also want more ;)