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Remember when I tried to make this really cool game as a love letter to Warframe?

Remember when the gamers got mad?

Anyway, here is FRAME. It became something a lot cooler by becoming LUMEN, and then NOVA.

Suck shit, gamers.

Oh, and we played it on stream once and it was really really fun.

Update (12/26/2021)

I added Character Pack 1. These were WF characters I translated to FRAME during the early hype days. Enjoy 4 more Frames to play as.

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Buy Now$5,000.00 USD or more

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I love Light, Nova and the Lumen games, I would have loved to see your take on the warframe format -_-

why this costs 5000$?




You're in luck! It's currently 33% off.


Very excited I now own a game worth $5,000


Death to Gamers, this is a triumph.


I used to avidly play warframe with my Dad and younger brother (though I stopped because the game slowly became less enjoyable), the hate you got is part of the reason I never got into the community though. It fucking sucks that you had to deal with that, but the stuff you've created is so so amazing. My boyfriend and I were backers for NOVA and we're trying really hard to gather up our friends to play (so damn excited for it and the hard cover book for it is one of our prized possessions). Absolutely love the art and mechanics and just everything about it, and I just wanted to say that I'm a major fan of what you've achieved and created.

Thank you for this. One question: Have you considered a printer friendly version of the rules? 


Probably not, as FRAME is no longer a priority project for me after everything it and I have been through.

That's cool. I'll just have to get clever with printer settings.


Really cool concept, probably the closest I’d ever get to playing warframe again.

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I remember seeing some of the hate from those keyboard-tough-guys (I think on a subreddit iirc) quite a while ago now. But not really knowing anything about Warframe, I gave you a fake internet point and moved on.

Today I was browsing the ENNIES nominees to see if there was anything cool I missed from 2021 and saw Slayers (nice work and congratulations! very excited to try that one), which lead me to Light (the list of games I need to play now growing by the minute) and ultimately brought me here. Your work is amazing and I'm so happy to see how this turned out from when I first caught wind of it. Your hero's journey, if I may be so bold.

People suck. But Humans are wonderful. Thanks for bringing joy to my day and soon to my gaming table. Stay Human.


Thank you so much for the kind words, I really really appreciate them!


Thank you for the character pack <3


This game is more important than the videogames that inspired it. would throw a gamer into the sun again, five out of five


This was the project that really brought you to my attention. It would've been cool, but NOVA blows it out of the water.

Good work, gamers. Your spite only made Spencer more powerful.

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The only contribution gamers have made to the world is that we eventually got LUMEN and NOVA out of the debacle and life has improved considerably. 

Other than that fuck 'em. FRAME looks absolutely great. 


Standing strong against adversity. You’ve got guys and I’m glad you released this. I love it! 🥰🥰🥰


It's a small subset of stupid gamers that are terrible (someone from the company said they had no idea and supported fan works 100%). I'm sorry that happened to you, and glad that you created Lumen and Nova!


Huh, wish they had reached out to me if that was the case...


I 100% support spite as a motivation.  Thank you for making this happen!


Nice! But now we have Nova. Bigger, better,  cooler :) 


Untamed. Framed. Blamed.
Name? FRAME.


Spite is an important part of the creative process. Thank you for your work!


After years of saying "we should try to make a ttrpg of this!" - here it is. I'm so excited! - looks gorgeous, and I can't wait to play it with friends.


hope you enjoy it!


We love things made out of spite! I'll check it out when J get back