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A collaborative effort by Spencer Campbell & Adam Boyes, inspired by their games Rigged and Weaver

This rules supplement will allow you to play Wretched & Alone games along with other players, what we call Wretched & Not So Alone. Subtly try to sabotage one another’s efforts while trying to keep your own head above water. As if the deck wasn’t stacked against you enough, now someone is actively trying to stop you.

This rule supplement was made as part of the Wretched & Alone jam. Details on the jam can be found here: 


The Wretched, by Chris Bissette can be found here:


The Wretched & Alone SRD can be found here:



Buy Now$2.00 USD or more

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Hello! just wondering what are all the documents I  would need for this? like related games and such, looks cool. I hope you have a good day.


Hi! I would recommend checking out Rigged and Weaver, which are linked on the game page as two games that play together really nicely.

You might also check out The Wretched, the original game!


Cool, just wanted to check there was not anything else. Gonna save up for a bit to get them all, its always nice to have a complete thing. thank you for the fast reply! 


Happy to help!