A downloadable reality check

Personality tests are bullshit, and the Myers Briggs is king bullshit.

Stop posting it places and thinking it means anything, or defines you as a person.

-Signed, a disgruntled psychologist.

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LOVE this - literally laughed out loud while reading. thank you


Myers Briggs is just astrology for science nerds.


I want to send this to my undergrad, who had us all do the Meyers Briggs as part of residence hall staff training.


You absolutely should. And I'd be happy to forward on the actual research showing the MB to be a big pile of horseshit!


I'd love to see this as my Counseling Department folks seem to love it too.


A work of art *chefkiss*


What in the actual


I know, right?


Thank You.

Now spread it to Twitter, Facebook, and the like.