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NOVA is an action packed tabletop RPG recently funded on Kickstarter. When the sun exploded, we built exosuits to explore the ruins of old earth. These machines, called Sparks, are our final hope of ever having a new dawn. 

You are those Sparks. Get ready to suit up.


NOVA uses the LUMEN system, which is designed for action-packed combat, equipping the players with a set of powers that bring the power fantasy feelings of looter shooters to the tabletop.


This is a super slimmed down version of the NOVA rulebook for you to check out before the Kickstarter launches on June 8th! As a quick start, it is definitely not feature complete, and doesn't have any of the beautiful art and layout work you'll find in the final product.

Think of it as a sample. Take a bite, see if you want to order the whole dish.


NOVA's Kickstarter campaign successfully funded July 3rd! If you enjoy what you see in the quick start, consider preordering your copy of the book, which will be shipped later this year.


If you want to chat about NOVA, you can grab me on Twitter, or join the Gila RPGs discord! Our community is filling up with fellow designers and players, and you just might find some folks to play a session of NOVA with.


We played NOVA using these quick start rules on the PlusOneExp channel. Check it out!


NOVA has a playlist put together by Sam Leigh!

StatusIn development
CategoryPhysical game
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
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AuthorGila RPGs
GenreRole Playing
Tagsdemo, Mechs, quick-start, Tabletop role-playing game


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