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This is the Gila Hack.

It's not a hack of anything, I just like the naming convention.

Everyone has a fantasy heartbreaker in them, this is mine.

It's diceless, focuses on exploration, pointcrawl maps, LUMEN powered combat. Everything I love in games, wrapped up in a fantasy package.

Early Early Early

I cannot emphasize enough how much of a rough early draft this is. Think of this more as a proof of concept than a complete game. The pieces are there, probably in the wrong order and a little broken, but you should be able to put them together to make a thing, a game.

This game will continue to evolve and change as I continue to develop it. Eventually, I'll finally make that fantasy game that's been burning in my brain for years.

StatusIn development
CategoryPhysical game
Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
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AuthorGila RPGs


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One of the stats is called focus, and each class has a focus. Are these two terms linked in some way, or just fitting to describe both the stat and the "focus" of the class? 

it's just an overlap of a word that will be addressed in a future version of the game

love that, thank you! 

I really enjoy the ideas and guidance in this game. Looks like the last update was June 2023… I’m hoping that it continues to be worked on? 

there will be updates coming soon!

Namewise, reading the doc I thought of Discoveries & Perils, Fantasy Camp, EPIC, and finally Hex Camp, because of how it sounds to me like a good hexcrawler coming our way. Great work so far! I want more classes already!

If Perils were Dangers, then we could call it Discoveries & Dangers /joke-or-maybe-not


oh my stars. wonderful as ever.

Q - Arcane Prism - do items in the Prism count towards the three equippable items, or is it a shared fourth slot?

Glad you like it!

My gut says it doesn't count, but I gotta think on that!


"Celebrating lonely fun. I loved world building as lonely GM fun."
This is my favorite part of TRAVELLER, how it knew that rolling characters and sectors could be fun all by themselves.


Maaaan, this is great. Imma have to make a character sheet now.

I'm so glad you like it!

Hmm.. I noticed while sketching out a sheet that Focus means two things in this game. Three if you count "Arcane Focus."

I do think the Focus of the Classes could be easily replaced for Theme


Look, I love dice, but this is kind of brilliant. The use of character narrative beats is exceptionally exciting. Working more of those into Regions is fertile ground and I for one am really excited to get this to the table.

Great work here, Spencer. This is a very exciting direction you're working toward. Journey on.



Thank you so much, that means a lot coming from the Drakes :)

Would love to hear what your experiences are like playing it if you get a chance!


We tend to be loud people.

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Yes! Y'all are so brilliant over there I can't wait to see your take on a fantasy heartbreaker.

*EDIT* already sold at the principles specifically "Balance is a farce. Nobody ever fights fair."