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Any chance for a review copy?

the Emissary of the Void enemy and the Gunslinger enemy have the same flavor text, is this intentional?


Tonight was session three of Drifters. The characters had two or three advances each. This really highlighted two things. Firstly, background abilities really drive the narrative along in a really positive way. Secondly, advancing characters really allows the emphasis on the Drifters as supernatural beings to mechanically match the strong narrative flavour. Also, The Con re-skined as a Preacher works really well, even with the issue of creating a non real world religion, it's not historical Earth folks. Now they want to try out Slayers 1.5, my work is never done😁

So glad to hear the background abilities bring a lot to the experience! Thanks for the kind words and sharing!


Ran my first game of Drifters tonight. Firstly, as a GM it was super friendly to run. My players loved the setting and the aesthetic. But the outstanding feature really was the asymmetric combat, every player commented on how it made such a difference to their experience of combat. What was really enlightening was how the guns synergised and built cooperative and varied tactical options. This game looks great from a read but surpassed my expectations in play. Thanks for a great gaming experience Spencer

Wow! Thank you so much for the kind words. I'm really glad you all had a good time with it :)

Quick rules question for you. How does Advantage/Disadvantage interact with the Shotgun?

You can roll twice for each die and choose which result you'd prefer, instead of highest/lowest


Brilliant, thanks. Now off to write my next Drift 🙂

Ran my second game. Had two players from the first game and two new ones. Once again a great time was had by all. What stood out most was having two of the same gun, the rifle, actually increased the options and combinations rather than creating overlap. Really great design. Now I've got to create another rift as my players want a game next week. See what you've started Spencer 😁


I finally played my first Drifters game with a bunch of DND players, it was honestly the most fun I've had running a ttrpg in a while! The "unbalanced"/ "overpowered" nature of this game is perfect for the Destiny/ unkillable gunslinger character trope of this game. I reskinned the Sheriff mission in the book for the one shot and had a blast. Highly recommend!


I really want to play a longer campaign with this system someday!


Having never used it before, I found the clock system pretty intuitive and helpful as well!


Picked up the PDFs of this game and Slayers and a print copy of Drifters. Very impressed. Rules are light but with tactical depth, the weird west setting is very much its own thing and very stylish. Narrative driven, which I love, and plenty of room for shared world building. It was pricey to import to UK but worth every penny. Looking forward to getting Slayers in print ( hint hint Spencer)

Keep an eye out for Slayers prints this summer ;)


Bought this game, read through it, and started playing it with my regular group in one day! Super quick and easy to generate characters, INCREDIBLE setting and world building in a minimalist fashion that allows for a ton of interpretation and adaptation, and just good, good awesomely aesthetic art. If you like the Wild West, cursed objects, and having your PCs feeling compelled to do things by forces greater than themselves, you must check out this game.