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I love the mechanics and aesthetics of this class, but there's a part of it that I have a question about. 

The Doctor's Plague Pool is equal to your Mend "skill die score". Does this mean that if your Mend skill die is a d6, you have 6 dice in your Plague Pool?  


that's correct!


Slashers looks totally awesome!!!

Thank you very much for your work!

I wanna run one-shot with it and plan to add Doctor.

But can't understand one moment about Plague.

Does Plague pool refill at the beginning of rach new combat? Or its one pool for all game?

And active part of Plague:

It says that you may put Plague dice on each character after you in turn order. Does it mean that i can choose to put dice on each character separately?

 For example, if i have one ally and one monster after me, so i can decide to put dice on monster and don't put it on ally. Or I should decide "put/don't put" for all characters after me in one moment?

Thank you very much again!!! :-)


1. It refills each combat!

2. You do it separately, on whichever characters you want to put it on!

Hopefully that helps!